Independent label: UK label founded in the mid 70s by Jay Shotam of October Cherries. The original Baal label was founded in Singapore by his band in the late 60s. Baal seems to have been mainly aimed at the Disco market, but its catalogue includes at least one Reggae single, 'Move Up Starsky', by The Mexicanos (BDN-38037), and a record by a Rock band - the Agnes Strange responsible for 'Can't Make My Mind Up' (BDN-38048) was in fact a power trio rather than a female vocalist.  Somehow Baal survived for long enough to issue a respectable number of singles, none of which are commonly found nowadays.  Singles were numbered in the BDN-38000s, but as yet I have been unable to find any reference to a number before BDN-38029, which came out in October 1976.  The highest number which internet sources have yielded was BDN-38055, was issued in 1980, by which time the company had split from Pye. Distributed By Pye Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Star Jeremiah Whestern Shore BAAL BDN 38029
76 October Cherries Baby Blue BAAL BDN 38030
76 Col Truck YouīRe All I Need BAAL BDN 38031
76 Funkgus Get It Together BAAL BDN 38032
76 Ajl Band Classical Salsa BAAL BDN 38033
77 Not Issued BAAL BDN 38034
77 October Cherries Baby Blue BAAL BDN 38035
77 Truck With Hey Ho Mrs. Vanderbilt BAAL BDN 38036
77 Mexicanos Move Up Starksy BAAL BDN 38037
77 Peter, Sue And Marc Cindy BAAL BDN 38038
77 Alyson Dance With Me BAAL BDN 38039
77 Not Issued BAAL BDN 38040
77 Jameson J J Rock īNīRoll Slave BAAL BDN 38041
77 First Lady Loving You Has Never Come Easy BAAL BDN 38042
77 Jeremiah Star Oh You Must Have Been Somebody'S Rainchild BAAL BDN 38043
77 Ajl Band Get Me To The Disco BAAL BDN 38044
77 Casey-O Deeper And Deeper BAAL BDN 38045
77 Ishan People Come To The Music BAAL BDN 38046
77 Brutus Oh Mama Mama BAAL BDN 38047
77 Agnes Strange CanīT Make My Mind Up BAAL BDN 38048
77 Murphy Relph Star Born Every Minute BAAL BDN 38049
78 Casey-O Love Is All That Matters BAAL BDN 38050
78 Not Issued BAAL BDN 38051
78 Not Issued BAAL BDN 38052
78 Not Issued BAAL BDN 38053
80 October Cherries  Buck Stops Here BAAL BDN 38054
80 Jay Shotam  No I Never Needed You More BAAL BDN 38055

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