B & C

 Independent label:  B&C - 'Beat and Commercial' - was Lee Gopthal's distribution company.  An early merger with Island Records (1968) led to the revival of the Trojan label, which Island had started in 1967 with no great success; Trojan and B&C were to be closely linked for the best part of the next eight years.  Another company with close links to B&C was Charisma; indeed the two were so close that they shared catalogue numbers.  B&C products varied from Folk (Steeleye Span) to Rock (Atomic Rooster); the company had a short-lived 'Progressive / Folk' offshoot, Pegasus, which mutated into Peg.  In 1973 both Peg and B&C were replaced by a new label, Mooncrest.  The partnership with Island ended in 1972; in 1975 Trojan and Charisma moved on, the former going to Saga, the latter moving to Phonodisc, and B&C closed down.  The label was revived briefly, and unsuccessfully, by Trojan in 1977 for a mixture of Pop and Reggae products.  B&C singles appeared in a joint CB-100 series with those of Charisma, the first Charisma release being CB-116.  Initial B & C releases came in a black label with silver printing.  The silver box at the top was soon replaced by the more familiar green logo.  Singles from the 1977 Trojan era were numbered in the BCS-0000s and were distributed by Selecta.  Trojan had another go at reviving B&C from.1979-81; singles from this era were numbered in the BCS-0s, and were distributed first by WEA and then by CBS. Thanks to Robert Lyons for the info

76 Nicky Scott Pasadena B & C  BCS 0001
76 Love Apples  Yours  B & C  BCS 0002
76 Lenska Rula I Wanna Be In A Movie With You B & C  BCS 0003
77 Newman Nanette  Fun Food Factory  B & C  BCS 0004
77 Black Matt & The Doodlebugs Punk Xmas PUNK  BCS 0005
77 Winston Groovy  I'M Going Back B & C  BCS 0006
77 Horrorcomic I'M All Hung Up On You LIGHTNING  BCS 0007
77 Lucy Really Got Me Goin' LIGHTNING  BCS 0008
77 Joseph Richard Let'S Get This Thing Together B & C  BCS 0009
77 O'Pray John Just Our Luck B & C  BCS 0010
77 Newnham Pete Rudi B & C  BCS 0011
78 Frank Jackson C Blues Run The Game B & C  BCS 12
78 Not Issued B & C  BCS 13
78 Not Issued B & C  BCS 14
78 Not Issued B & C  BCS 15
79 Third Party Split Dubious Rarentage B & C  BCS 16
79 Horrorcomic Jesus Crisis B & C  BCS 17
79 Horror Comic Jesus Christ B & C  BCS 18
80 Third Party Split Insane B & C  BCS 19
80 Smart Alec Scooter Boys B & C  BCS 20
81 Atomic Rooster Devil'S Answer B & C  BCS 21
82 Powell Verna Lee Let'S Sit Down & Talk Abot It B & C  BCS 22
82 Marshall Tom Film Star B & C  BCS 23
82 Mark Z Situation Normal B & C  BCS 24

70 Hannibal Winds Of Change B & C  HB 001
70 Hannibal
B & C  HB 002

71 Audience  You're Not Smiling  CHARISMA BCP 1
71 Carol Grimes And The Red Price Band  I Don't Wanna Discuss It  B & C  BCP 2

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