Independent label: Axis Records Former Address: Axis Recordings 14 Salford Road, London W2. It managed at least two singles.(both of them EPs) by pupils at Sherborne School for Girls. ARL-125 featured the School Choir on one side and the Chamber Orchestra on the other, playing 'We Wait For Thy Loving Kindness, O God' and four other tracks.  ARL-126 was split between the School Choir and the Madrigal Society; there were five tracks on it, starting off with 'Lift Thine Eyes To The Mountains'.  Both were issued in 1970.  The recording engineer in both cases was Peter Sidhom, which may indicate that the studio / label was his.  The numbers suggest that there may be other Axises records. Distributed By Axis Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Sherbourne School For Girls We Wait For Thy Loving Kindness, O God AXIS RECORDINGS ARL 125
70 Sherbourne School For Girls Lift Thine Eyes To The Mountains AXIS RECORDINGS ARL 126

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