Independent label: American Disco label. The initials stood for American Variety International. AVI made its appearance in the UK in 1979, issuing singles in an AVI-100 numerical series, and doesn't seem to have outlived the Disco craze. It did however tickle the Top 40 in 1979 with, 'Mellow Mellow Right On', by Lowrell (AVIS-108).  Manufacture and distribution by Pye Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Passion I'M Leavin' AVI AVIS 101
79 Air Power Be Yourself AVI AVIS 102
79 Benoit David Life Is Like A Samba AVI AVIS 103
79 El Coco Dance Man AVI AVIS 104
79 Williams David Come On Down Boogie People AVI AVIS 105
79 Croisette Under Hypnosis AVI AVIS 106
79 Johnson L.J. Your Magic Put A Spell On Me AVI AVIS 107
79 Lowrell Mellow Mellow Right On AVI AVIS 108
79 El Coco Let'S Get It Together AVI AVIS 109

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