Independent Folk label, run by Steve Hutt.  Avada lasted from 1978 to 82, and issued about a dozen records. Most of them were LPs but there were at least four seven-inches, which are listed below.  None of them are commonly seen nowadays. The first, Phil Beer's 'Dance With Me' was numbered in the AVS-100s (AVS-101), but subsequent issues shared the main LP series's AVA-100 numbers, albeit with a different prefix in the case of the Arizona Smoke Review EP (AVEP-108; 1980); the single by Les Barker, 'Quasi B. Goode' (AVS-112; 1980) shared the LP numbering but went back to the AVS prefix.  Avada's most collectable item is an album by Nigel Mazlyn Jones, 'Sentinel' (AVA-105; 1979). Avada Records Former Address: 19 Clarence Square Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Distributed By Avada Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Phil Beer Dance With Me AVADA AVA 101
78 Johnny Coppin  Roll On Dreamer  (Album) AVADA AVA 102
78 Anthony Head Children Of The Night AVADA AVA 103
79 Waterfall  Three Birds  (Album) AVADA AVA 104
79 Nigel Mazlyn Jones Sentinel (Album) AVADA AVA 105
80 Jon Benns Benns Means Laffs (Album) AVADA AVA 106
80 Shortwave Band  Greatest Hats  (Album) AVADA AVA 107
80 Arizona Smoke Review Smokin AVADA AVEP 108
80 Paul Downes  Life Goes On  (Album) AVADA AVA 109
80 Bill Zorn & The Arizona Smoke  Bill Zorn & The Arizona Smoke  (Album) AVADA AVA 110
80 Les Barker Dogmatic (Album) AVADA AVA 111
80 Les Barker Quasi B. Goode AVADA AVA 112

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