Automatic Records came under the WEA umbrella; its singles shared a K-17000 catalogue series with those of Warner Brothers. The company's directors were ex-Harvest-boss Nick Mobbs and Chrissie Vanstone-Walker. Automatic seems to have started life in 1979 and to have lasted until at least 1982; it troubled the Singles Chart compilers with two records by Zaine Griff, 'Tonight' (K-17547), and 'Ashes And Diamonds' (K-17610), both in 1980. Distributed By WEA Records. Automatic Records Former Address: 5 Avery Row London W1. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Doll By Doll Palace Of Love AUTOMATIC K 17330
79 Wood Roy On The Road Again AUTOMATIC K 17459
79 Doll By Doll Teenage Lightning AUTOMATIC K 17469
80 Griff Zaine Tonight AUTOMATIC K 17547
80 Doll By Doll Gypsy Blood AUTOMATIC K 17559
80 Griff Zaine Ashes And Diamonds AUTOMATIC K 17610
80 Heath Katy  Why Don'T We Go Dancing  AUTOMATIC K 17676
80 Zaine Griff Run AUTOMATIC K 17678
80 Eye To Eye Tonight Insomnia  AUTOMATIC K 17688
80 Small Hours The Kid AUTOMATIC K 17708
81 Tusk  She'S So Cool  AUTOMATIC K 17788
81 Tantra  Hills Of Katmandu  AUTOMATIC K 17830
82 Eye To Eye Life In Motion AUTOMATIC K 17938
82 Eye To Eye Nice Girls AUTOMATIC K 17966

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