Independent label: Aura's products seem to have been Rock orientated such as Allan Clarke, Nico, Steve Marriott and Trapeze all recorded for the label, as did many lesser-known artists.  The company's first releases came out in 1978, through Anchor / CBS, but by 1980 Pye had taken over manufacture and distribution. Despite having a lot of talent on its books Aura never registered any Singles Chart successes, and it doesn't seem to have survived far past 1985.  Singles were numbered in the AUS-100s; AUS-140 came out in 1983. Despite the evidence of the catalogue numbers of the scans, the brown label was the earlier of the two; it seems to have been used on all the 1970s issues apart from that particular Annette Peacock single.  The black label was mainly used in the 1980s. Aura Records & Music Ltd 1 Kendall Place London W1. Distributed By Aura Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Beaver Brothers You'Ll Never Believe It AURA AUS 101
78 Peacock Annette DonīT Be Cruel AURA AUS 102
78 Big Star Kizza Me AURA AUS 103
78 Scott Johnny B Rock īNīRoll Legend AURA AUS 104
78 Black K K  California Sun AURA AUS 105
78 Hi-Fi Run Run AURA AUS 106
78 Big Star Jesus Christ AURA AUS 107
79 Clarke Allan In The Street AURA AUS 108
79 Clarke Allan I Wasn'T Born Yesterday AURA AUS 109
79 Fruit Bananas AURA AUS 110
79 Troops Save The Boy AURA AUS 111
79 Clarke Allan The Only One AURA AUS 112
79 Peacock Annette Love'S Out To Lunch AURA AUS 113
79 Trapeze Don'T Ask Me How I Know AURA AUS 114
80 North Ian Hollywood Babylon AURA AUS 115
80 Trapeze Running Away AURA AUS 116
80 Girls Clap Clap AURA AUS 117
80 Girls Claping Song AURA AUS 118
80 Palmer Barry She'S Leaving Home AURA AUS 119
81 Come On Housewives Play Tennis AURA AUS 120
80 Clarke Allan Only Ones AURA AUS 121
81 Benson Gary Dying To Live With You AURA AUS 122
81 Dan-I  Let'S Be An Animal  AURA AUS 123
81 White Europeans Sun Arise AURA AUS 124
81 Clarke Allan Walls AURA AUS 125
81 Crocodiles New Wave Goodbye AURA AUS 126
81 Tirez Tirez Razor Blades AURA AUS 127
81 Fardon Lee Stories Of Adventures AURA AUS 128
81 Clarke Allen Born To Run AURA AUS 129
81 Clarke Allen Shadow In The Street AURA AUS 130
81 Placebo Paying Homage AURA AUS 131
82 Fardon Lee Together In Heat AURA AUS 132
82 Placebo Poppy Dance AURA AUS 133
82 Girls Sally Go Round The Roses AURA AUS 134
82 Revillos Tell Him AURA AUS 135
83 Z 6 You Eugene And Me AURA AUS 136
83 Nico Heroes AURA AUS 137
83 Nasmak Plaster AURA AUS 138
83 Dion We Don'T Talk Anymore AURA AUS 139
83 Mirrors Dance Dance Dance AURA AUS 140
84 Strange Daze Through The Door AURA AUS 141
84 Dion Way You Do The Things AURA AUS 142
84 Travaganza Stay With Me AURA AUS 143
85 Host Walk On Love AURA AUS 144
85 Marriot Steve What'Cha Gonna Do About It AURA AUS 145
85 Bishop Randy Two Hearts AURA AUS 146
85 Nico Waiting For A Man AURA AUS 147
85 Hams Dana Beasty Man AURA AUS 148
85 Gibbons Steve Personal Problem AURA AUS 149
85 Valentin Dave We Can Only Dream AURA AUS 150
85 R.A.F Woman Like You AURA AUS 151

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