Audio Visual Technical Services was responsible for recording a promotional EP for the Post Office in the early 1970s; it featured senior management figures discussing the benefits of direct mail advertising.  The first side, 'Putting A New Company On The Road' featured Bruce MacCormack of Wincanton Contract and Richard Walker of advertising firm J. Walter Thompson Ltd; the second, 'Doodlissmus' featured John Storrs of Berol Limited.  There's no year on it, but as the 'A' side mentions J. Walter Thompson being recruited in March 1972 and refers to their campaign as being 'last year' that seems to pin it down to 1973, which fits in with Bruce MacCormack being general manager of Wincanton Contract from 1971 to 1974.  The catalogue number of the EP was PL(M)7111, which doesn't fit into any series that I've happened upon.  Pressing was by British Homophone, as the labels state.  Audio Visual Technical Services failed to see the '70s out: it was listed in the 'London Gazette' of the 18th of January 1979 among those companies which were to be dissolved three months from that date.  Googling fails to bring any more of the company's products to light, but I would imagine that there are likely to be some.  If anyone knows of any I'd be interested to hear about them. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 No Artist Listed Putting A New Company On The Road AUDIO VISUAL TECHNICAL SERVICES PL(M) 7111

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