Independent label from Brighton, Attrix Records, the label, began with a single entitled Hard Times b/w Lost Lenore by the band Attrix. This was prefixed RB01. The letters being an abbreviation of the man's name who formed the label, Rick Blair.Only 500 copies were pressed at a cost of 250, which was made up of savings and a loan from a friend. Rick had a band called Attrix, a threepiece, in which he was guitarist and vocalist. He also wrote the two songs on the record. Next step was a compilation LP called Vaultage 78, made up of local bands, an innovative move at the time. A further three singles by local bands followed and in December 1979 a second Brighton music compilation, Vaultage 79, was released using more new local bands. Then came a 12 inch single by Rick's next band, the Parrots, and an EP by the Chefs. By the end of the year Vaultage 80, the third and final volume of local music was released. Distributed By Attrix Records.

78 Attrix Hard Times ATTRIX RB 01
78 Various Artists The Attrix Tapes  (Cassette) ATTRIX RB 02
78 Various Artists Vaultage 78 - Two Sides Of Brighton (Album) ATTRIX RB 3 LP
80 Piranhas Jilly ATTRIX RB 4 SUE
80 Executives Shy Little Girl ATTRIX RB 05
80 Piranhas Yap Yap Yap ATTRIX RB 06
80 Dodgems Science Fiction ATTRIX RB 7 DGM
80 Various Artists Vaultage 79 (Another Two Sides Of Brighton) (Album) ATTRIX RB 8 LP
80 Not Issued ATTRIX RB 09
80 Chefs Sweetie ATTRIX RB 10
80 Various Artists Vaultage 80: A Vinyl Chapter  (Album) ATTRIX RB 11
81 Birds With Ears Youth In Asia  (Album) ATTRIX RB 12 LP
81 Chefs 24 Hours ATTRIX RB 13
80 Piranhas Jilly ATTRIX RB 4 YAP

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