Independent Reggae label: Attack Record label of the '70s was another Reggae label, but it had no connection to the Trojan one.  It was owned by Count Shelly in association with Bunny Lee, and it put out three singles in 1976-77 through Third World.  All were by Jah Stitch and all were Bunny Lee productions. None had catalogue numbers on the labels, so the discography below gives matrix numbers.  As can be seen the singles had large spindle holes, presumably to give them an authentic 'Jamaican' appearance.  Distributed By Third World Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Jah Stitch Dread Back A Yard ATTACK JP 01
76 Jah Stitch Rasta Give Glory ATTACK JP 02
77 Jah Stitch Marshall Dread ATTACK ATT 07

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