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 Independent Reggae label, owned by Brent Clarke.  Initially marketing appears to have been by President, and distribution by Enterprise; later the company took over both functions itself.  Singles were numbered in an ATRA-0 or ATRA-000 series. They were issued over two periods, late 1972 to early 1974 and late 1975 to early 1976. A number of different label designs were used. Distributed By President. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Righteous Flames  Rock Of Gibraltar  ATRA ATRA 1
72 Not Traced ATRA ATRA 002
73 Mckay Freddie  I'M A Freeman  ATRA ATRA 003
73 Prince Williams  Action Wood Pt. 1  ATRA ATRA 004
73 Big Joe  Jah Guide ATRA ATRA 005
73 Cordils & Donovan Drummond Sweet And Happy  ATRA ATRA 006
74 Alimantado Doc Black Love ATRA ATRA 007
74 Andy Horace Children Of Isreal ATRA ATRA 008
74 Moffatt Lenroy Happy Sounds Of Music ATRA ATRA 009
74 Big Joe Down Santic Way ATRA ATRA 010
74 Pablo Agustos Lover'S Rock ATRA ATRA 011
74 Soul Tops Warning Sounds ATRA ATRA 012
74 Rolling Audley Hi Girl ATRA ATRA 013
74 Jah Mojo  Truth & Truth  ATRA ATRA 14
74 Murrey George I Love You Darling ATRA ATRA 15
74 Bernard Jackie Musical Explosion ATRA ATRA 16
74 Sweet Harmony Mexican Rocking ATRA ATRA 17
74 Not Traced ATRA ATRA 018
74 Clarke Johnny  Everyday Wondering  ATRA ATRA 019
74 Moffatt Leroy  What It Takes  ATRA ATRA 20
74 Jarrett Winston  No Time To Waste ATRA ATRA 21
74 Andy Horace  Problems ATRA ATRA 22
74 Prince Williams - Action Wood  ATRA ATRA 23
74 Bunny Brown  I Love The Way You Love  ATRA ATRA 24
74 Ellis Alton  Papa  ATRA ATRA 25
75 Ellis Alton  Rasta Spirit  ATRA ATRA 26
75 Locks Lee  What Can I Do  ATRA ATRA 27
75 Hudson Keith  Lost All Sense Of Direction  ATRA ATRA 28
75 Andrews Ervin   Just A Lonely Man  ATRA ATRA 29
75 Clarke Danny  The Longest Liver  ATRA ATRA 30