Independent label: Atlantic Country Records is debatable whether it deserves to be called a 'label' in its own right, but in its native land its singles had the word 'Country' under the logo, they had a separate numerical series (CY-4000), and they had different-coloured labels to the usual Atlantic ones (black-on-fawn instead of black-on-red), so the parent company obviously considered it to have its own discrete identity.  In the UK the first batch of Atlantic Country records didn't even have that degree of individuality: they shared the general K-10000 numbers, and they kept the standard red / white / green labels. They did however have the word 'Country' at two o'clock, as can be seen on the scan. Subsequent issues lost the 'Country' and were indistinguishable from the rest of Atlantic's singles except that they had 'CY-4000' matrix numbers.  In America the series lasted from 1973-74; the labels there lost the 'Country' around May 1974 but kept their distinctive colour.  The few British singles with the 'Country' on them are listed below.  They all date from July 1973.  Promos were marked in the usual Atlantic fashion of the time, with a large hollow black 'A' from top to bottom. Distributed By Atlantic Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Jamie Ryan Keep On Loving Me ATLANTIC COUNTRY K 10330
73 Don Adams I'll Be Satisfied ATLANTIC COUNTRY K 10333
73 David Rogers Just Thank Me ATLANTIC COUNTRY K 10334

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