Independent Reggae label. Run by Buster Pearson.  ATA issued at least seven 7" singles and one 12" in 1977-78; it added another 12" in 1979 and one more in 1981, but that seems to have been the lot.  Catalogue numbers of the 7" records were in an ATA-1000 series.  Marketing of the first release was by K & B Records, by the time of the third the marketing credit had changed to ATA.  Four different label designs were used: ATAs 1001 and 1003 had blue-green labels, 1002 and 1005 had red ones with a shadowed logo, 1010 and 1013 had red ones with white circles and an oval logo, while 1008 had a white one with the oval logo in red. Distributed By K & B Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Mudie Allstars & Sid Williams  Don'T Play Rock 'N Roll ATA ATA 1001
77 Big Joe  Set Your Face At Ease  ATA ATA 1002
77 Wes Brooks  Lay Down Your Arms  ATA ATA 1003
77 Not Issued ATA ATA 1004
77 I-Roy  Roots Man  ATA ATA 1005
77 Terri Steven That's What Friends Are For ATA ATA 1006
77 Not Issued ATA ATA 1007
77 Trevor Dixon, Zabandis Second Chances / Chance A Dub (version)  ATA ATA 1008
77 Not Issued ATA ATA 1009
78 Robbie Duke Sing Sing Barbara ATA ATA 1010
78 Not Issued ATA ATA 1011
78 Not Issued ATA ATA 1012
78 Otis Caan Mr. Softly ATA ATA 1013

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