Independent Reggae label, distributed by Joe Mansano from his premises in Brixton.  Arrow issued at least nine singles between 1974 and 1976. Catalogue numbers were initially in an A-000 series; this changed to AR-00 and then to ARO-0.  Several different designs and colour combinations were used. Arrow Records Former Address: 93 GranvilleArcade, Brixton, London SW9. Distributed By Joe Mansano. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.


74 Shirley Roy  & Champions  Welcome Home  ARROW A 001
74 Not Traced ARROW A 02
75 Denzie & Cowboy  If  ARROW AR 03
75 Not Traced ARROW AR 04
75 Not Traced ARROW AR 05
75 Martel Ray  Tell Her  ARROW AR 06
76 Robinson Martel  Sunny Soil  ARROW AR 07
76 Not Traced ARROW AR 08
76 Brothers 4 It'S Not Who You Know ARROW ARO 09

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