Arkitex was a DIY label from Maryport. Arkitex's sole release was an EP by the band of that name, 'Only One' (AKX-1; 9/79).  Reportedly the Arkitex adopted that name because two of the members of the band were architects.  In the early '80s they dropped it, became Starvation Army, and put out another single, 'Stranger In My Room'.  Apparently they had a big following in Cumbria but a reluctance to move to London cost them their chance of more than local fame. Arkitex was formed in 1978 and was based in Maryport. The original line up was Peter White on lead guitar & vocals, Tony Collier lead vocal & guitar, Maurice Wigham on bass and Tony Worsley on drums. Distributed By TS Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Arkitex  Only One  ARKITEX AKX 1

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