Independent Reggae label.  In addition to several 12" singles Aries released at least five 7" singles during 1977-78.  Numbering was in an AR-000 series for most of the label's short life, but the final single, Jah Stich's, 'Combination Three', was numbered PFUS-6000 and was handled by Plastic Fantastic / Pye. Initially the label was on the colourful side, but by the time AR-003 came out a more sober red design had been adopted. Distributed By. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Errol Dunkley  Hard Luck Story ARIES AR 001
78 Mr Barley Wine Freak ARIES AR 002
78 Anthony Gelento In The Getto ARIES AR 002
78 Leroy  Smart  It'S A Long Time Now ARIES AR 003

78 Jah Stitch Combination Three ARIES PFUS 6000

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