An obscure label from 1972. Aries was owned by the man behind Majestic Studios of Clapham, guitarist Mike Morton.  Mike Collier, who seems to have been the joint-owner of the studios in partnership with Morton, was one of the company's directors.  Aries appears to have started out two years earlier, in 1971.  Morton had enjoyed success with albums of cover versions of popular hits, which were released by Plexium Records, and Aries ploughed the same sort of furrow.  It concentrated on LPs, which were credited to the Mike Morton Congregation or Sound ('Non Stop Hits' was the main series), but it also issued three singles, all of them in the first half of 1972.  Two were by the Mike Morton Congregation; the other, 'The Day I Found Myself' b/w 'Super Star', was by a group called The Moochies. Tthe Moochies' record is middle-of-the-road Pop with female vocals.  Catalogue numbers of the singles were in an MCC-0 series.  Aries signed a six-month pressing and distribution agreement with RCA in October 1971. The relationship between RCA and Morton was to get closer.  In June 1972 RCA took over Aries's 'Non Stop Hits' series of albums, issuing them on the budget-priced RCA International label and starting the numbering again at Volume 1 (it had reached Volume 6 on Aries).  The International series ended with the release of Volume 8, in August 1973, and the next two Mike Morton LPs, Volumes 1 and 2 of 'Non Stop Party', saw the Aries label back in action, again through RCA.  There don't seem to have been any Aries releases after 1974. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Morton Mike Congregation She Didn'T Do Magig ARIES MCC 1
72 Moochies The Day I Found Myself ARIES MCC 2
72 Morton Mike Congregation Monday Morning ARIES MCC 3

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