Independent Argo label was founded in 1951 by Harvey Usill.  It focused mainly on English music of all styles and periods and built up a large catalogue of Classical and Spoken Word albums, amongst other items.  In addition to the English material, what is now known as 'World' music was catered-for by a series of 'Living Tradition' albums.  Argo was acquired by Decca in 1957, though Usill remained in charge of the label.  Most of Argo's releases were LPs, and it only issued the occasional single; if you stumble on an Argo single in a charity shop nowadays, it'll generally be by Folk group The Yetties.   Argo seven-inches were generally EPs in the '60s and were numbered in an EAF-0 or ZFA-0 series; the prefix varied according to whether the record was mono (EAF) or stereo (ZFA) - some records were issued in both forms.   A number of them were devoted to train sounds; they appeared under the Argo Transacord banner.  Argo singles as such first appeared in 1970, and had AFW-100 catalogue numbers. They seem to have had red labels until AFW-112, with black ones from AFW-113 onwards; demos continued to have red labels.  Towards the end of the series the old ellipsed logo was replaced by a Decca-family-type boxed one. Usill left to co-found ASV records when Decca was taken over by Polygram, in 1980.  The Argo label is still in existence today, as part of Decca Classics. Argo Records Former Address in 1978 : 115, Fulham Rd, London SW 3. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Honeydew Part Of This Game ARGO AFW 101
70 Gothic Horizon The Jason Lodge Poetry Book ARGO AFW 102
71 Broken Consort Bye Bye Bob ARGO AFW 103
71 Gothic Horizon Song ARGO AFW 104
71 Garrick'S Fairground Blessed Are The Peacemakers ARGO AFW 105
72 Jones Rick Lovebug ARGO AFW 106
72 Gothic Horizon If You Can Smile ARGO AFW 107
72 Gothic Horizon Can'T Bear To Think About You ARGO AFW 108
73 Jones Rick Lady Of The Lowlands ARGO AFW 109
73 Talisman  Stepping Stone ARGO AFW 110
73 Co-Operation Choir Last Of The Summer Sun ARGO AFW 111
73 Farnaby Giles Dream Band Newcastle Brown ARGO AFW 112
74 Yetties Dorset Is Beautiful ARGO AFW 113
74 Holloway Stanley Albert'S Christmas ARGO AFW 114
74 Young Tradition Boars Head Carol ARGO AFW 115
74 Not Traced ARGO AFW 116
74 Not Traced ARGO AFW 117
74 Not Traced ARGO AFW 118
74 Not Traced ARGO AFW 119
75 Yetties Bandy Bertha'S Birthday AFW AFW 120
75 Not Traced ARGO AFW 121
75 Not Traced ARGO AFW 122
75 Not Traced ARGO AFW 123
75 Not Traced ARGO AFW 124
75 Yetties Costa De Dorset ARGO AFW 125

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