Ardkor Records was a DIY label, owned and run by Political Punk band Crisis, who had previously had an EP out on the Peckham Action Group label. Ardkor issued at least two singles and a mini-album by Crisis during the period 1979-81, using a CRI-000 numerical series. Crisis was a British punk and post-punk band, formed in 1977 which was active until the early eighties. After the dissolution of Crisis, Douglas Pearce and Tony Wakeford formed Death in June, Luke Rendall joined Theatre of Hate and Lester Jones formed Carcrash International. Crisis performed at many rallies for Rock Against Racism (RAR), the Anti-Nazi League (ANL) and Right To Work marches. Distributed By Ardkor Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info. Was there a CRI-001, and were all the 7" labels handwritten or hand-stamped.

79 Not Released ARDKOR CRI 001
79 Crisis Uk 79 ARDKOR CRI 002
80 Crisis Hymns Of Faith ARDKOR CRI 003
81 Crisis Alienation ARDKOR CRI 004

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