Independent label: Ardent Records was owned by Soul enthusiast and music journalist Paul Mooney. It appears to have managed only a handful of releases, most of which came out in 1989/90, but its first single, 'Disco Music' by Sir Ted Ford, was issued in 1979.  Singles were numbered in the ADS-9000s. Distributed By Ardent Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Ford Sir Ted Disco Music ARDENT ADS 9001
89 Cameron Wait Until Tomorrow ARDENT ADS 9002
89 Millionaires Don'T Mess With My Heart ARDENT ADS 9003
90 Hudson Johnny Better Love ARDENT ADS 9004
90 Ellison Willie I Don'T Just Want Your Love ARDENT ADS 9005
90 Dyson Ronnie See The Clown ARDENT ADS 9006

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