Independent Reggae label, distributed by EMI and dating from 1979.  Arawak's singles shared a RIC-100 catalogue series with those of the Radic, More Cut, Matumbi, Deb Music and Taxi labels.  They also shared a common layout, colour scheme and company sleeve with the first two.  There was also an AR-01 series with a different label design witch pre-date the EMI arrangement . Distributed By EMI Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Pebbles  Positive Vibrations  ARAWAK AR 01
79 Matumbi Point Of View MATUMBI RIC 101
79 Kay Janet   Closer To You ARAWAK RIC 102
79 Dunkley Errol Little Way Different MATUMBI RIC 104
79 Dunkley Errol   Little Way Different  ARAWAK RIC 104
79 Guardian Angle Self Service Love MATUMBI RIC 106
79 Dambanyia Babylon ARAWAK RIC 107

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