Independent label: Aquarius was a French label, based in Paris.  Most of its efforts appear to have been directed towards mainland Europe, but it released at four singles in Britain, in or around 1976.  It never tasted success under its own banner  over here, but it licensed material to other companies and its logo appeared on Patrick Hernandez's Gem label hit, 'Born To Be Alive' (GEM-4) in 1979.  The link with Gem resulted in the short-lived Gem Aquarius label. Aquarius records were marketed by President and distributed by Enterprise.  Singles were numbered in an AQ-0 series. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Chocolats Brasiliacarnival AQUARIUS AQ 1
76 Monstars Cumba Cumba AQUARIUS AQ 2
76 Judd & Miss Munro You Got It AQUARIUS AQ 3
76 James Jackie Moving Like A Superstar AQUARIUS AQ 4

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