Applecroft appears to have been either a DIY or a small independent label.  An EP by Frank Terenzi featuring a medley of 'More' and 'Somewhere' plus three other tracks - 'Mame', 'Love Will Keep Us Together' and 'Love Is All' - seems to have been its only release; at least. The EP's catalogue number, APT-438, suggests that there may perhaps be other Applecrofts out there; but that there are thirty-seven of them, are highly unlikely.  The number doesn't fit any series that I've happened upon, and it may just have been put together out of motives that are now lost.  There's no date on the record, but in the run-off a delta sign followed by a four-figure number tells us that a firm called Sound Manufacturing was responsible for the pressing; comparison of that number, 1570, with those on other Sound Manufacturing products listed enables us to pin the year of release down to 1977.  Terenzi, who turned professional in 1975, released another record in 1977, a self financed album, 'My World' (SRTZ-77387); but that came out on SRT Records rather than Applecroft.  Arranger Jack Long was responsible for at least a couple of releases on the 'Web' the label.

77 Frank Terenzi More / Somewhere  APPLECROFT APT  438

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