Antic Records was run by Dave Dee, of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mich and Tich fame. Part of the WEA group, it issued at least twenty-eight singles during the period 1974-78.  Numbering was in a K-11500 series, the 'K' prefix indicating the label's Kinney / WEA origins. Antic's products ranged from the Rock 'n' Roll Revival of Carl Simmons ('Angel'; K-11515) to the Glam sound of the Crash Brothers ('Hoodoo'; K-11502), by way of the Do-It-Yourself-Imitation-Brass-Band of Me, Myself and Me Again ('Blaze Away'; K-11528). It was a conduit for records that were too Pop-flavoured for parent company Atlantic Records. The black-and-white label seems to have appeared on only one single, Antic's last, which appeared a year or so after the record previous to it. Distributed By WEA Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Smiffy See You Later ANTIC K 11501
74 Crash Brothers Hoodoo ANTIC K 11502
74 Okinsmog Miss Lucy ANTIC K 11503
74 Smith Cherry Vangilder Silverboy ANTIC K 11504
74 Mason Follow Me ANTIC K 11505
74 Smith Kate Smile Smile Smile ANTIC K 11506
74 Rainbow Children Rock ´N´Roll ANTIC K 11507
74 Men These Are Not My People ANTIC K 11508
74 Dangerfield Let Me ANTIC K 11509
74 Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich She´S My Baby ANTIC K 11510
74 Birkin Jane Je T'Aime ANTIC K 11511
74 Raw Holly Raining In My Heart ANTIC K 11512
80 Stephen Right On Running Man ANTIC K 11513
80 Fancy Touch Me ANTIC K 11514
80 Simmons Carl Whole Lotta Trouble ANTIC K 11515
80 Humphries Les Singers Mama Loo ANTIC K 11516
80 James Teddy If You Were The Only Girl ANTIC K 11517
80 Fleming Joy A Bridge Of Love ANTIC K 11518
80 Humphries Les Singers She´S Really Someting Else ANTIC K 11519
80 Geddes David Run Joey Run ANTIC K 11520
80 Not Issued ANTIC K 11521
80 Binzi Touch Me ANTIC K 11522
80 Johnson Family I Only Wanna Be With You ANTIC K 11523
80 Tee-Set Do It Baby ANTIC K 11524
80 Humphrises Les Singers Spanish Discotheque ANTIC K 11525
80 Humphrises Les Singers Sing Sang Song ANTIC K 11526
80 Humphrises Les Singers Indian War ANTIC K 11527
80 Me Myself & Me Again Blaze Away ANTIC K 11528

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