Independent label 'Anti-Pop records' run by Arthur 2 Stroke and Andy 'Pop' Inman was from Newcastle-on-Tyne.  Anti-Pop's 7" output consisted of a split single featuring Arthur 2-Stroke's, 'The Wundersea World Of Jacques Cousteau' and 'Pocket Money' by the Noise Toys (AP-1; 1979).  The company also released an LP, 'Anna Ford's Bum', by Wavis O'Shave (AP-2). Arthur 2 Stroke (and his organisation Anti Pop) was a leading light in Newcastle's late seventies punk/new wave scene. Chris Donald, inventor of Viz Comic and a life- long fan, cites Arthur as a key inspirational influence, and the first ever Viz Comic featured Arthur 2 Stroke and was sold at the Gosforth Hotel. The Noise Toys were a four piece punk band. Distributed By Anti-Pop records Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Arthur 2 Stroke The Wondersea World Of Jacques Cousteau ANTI-POP AP 1

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