A DIY label.  Anthony's sole release was the official anthem of Millwall F.C., 'Let 'Em Come' by Roy Green (R-200-S; 1979).  Pressing was by Lyntone, the 'A' side's matrix number being LYN-6666.  This was also re-released on Millwall Football Club label (DEN 1) in 1985. I assume the 'Anthony' in question was Tony Whittaker, who is mentioned on the label as having supplied the backing to the song. 'Let 'Em Come' is a  tradition at The Den is the playing of the official club song "Let 'em Come", by Roy Green, as Millwall and the opposing team walk onto the pitch. It was specifically written for the club and the lyrics represent old London culture, such as eating jellied eels and having a glass of beer before going to the game. Distributed By Anthony Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Roy Green Let 'Em Come ANTHONY R 200S

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