Independent label: from the Punk / New Wave years.  Another Record Label Former Address: 34 Lymm Avenue, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 5DA. Issued at least three 7" records, with a considerable gap in time between them. (AN-001) appeared in June 1979, (AN-002) appeared in 1981 and (AN-003 appeared in 1984. Cardiac Arrest was a Lancaster based group. The initial lineup was Michael Pugh on lead vocals, Tim Smith on guitar and backing vocals, and Peter Tagg on drums. The lineup was completed by Jim Smith, who joined on bass guitar and backing vocals. Distributed By Another Record Label  Records.

79 Cardiac Arrest Running In The Street ANOTHER RECORD LABEL AN 001
81 Byrd Michael & The Commercials' Sell Out Before The Fall Out' Ep ANOTHER RECORD LABEL AN 002
84 Uncalled 4 Blues Band Blue Party Blues ANOTHER RECORD LABEL AN 003

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