Independent Reggae label, a subsidiary of Klik Records.  Angen was run by Desmond Bryan and Joe Sinclair and associated. Angen released approximately eighteen singles in the period 1975-76, using an ANG-100 numbering series. Former address Klik Records: 2 Library Parade, Craven Park, London NW10 and 245 Portobello Road, London W11.Distributed By Klik Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Campbell Cornell  Talking Love  ANGEN  ANG  101
75 Admirals Natty Should Be Free  ANGEN  ANG  102
75 Big Youth All Nations  ANGEN  ANG  103
75 Davis Ronnie  The Good News  ANGEN  ANG  104
75 Campbell Cornell  The Gordon Speaks  ANGEN  ANG  105
75 Not Issued ANGEN  ANG  106
75 Upsetters  Stay Dread  ANGEN  ANG  107
75 Unforgettables  Many A Call  ANGEN  ANG  108
75 Not Issued ANGEN  ANG  109
75 Davis Ronnie  Maga Lion  ANGEN  ANG  110
75 Mexicano  Cut Throat  ANGEN  ANG  111
76 Viceroys  Marcus Marcus Garvey  ANGEN  ANG  112
76 Thomas Sandra  It Should Have Been Me  ANGEN  ANG  113
76 Not Issued ANGEN  ANG  114
76 Sinclair Paul  Jah Is My Saviour  ANGEN  ANG  115
76 Jah Woosh  Set Up Yourself Dread  ANGEN  ANG  116
76 Romeo Max Deacon Wife  ANGEN  ANG  117
76 Not Issued ANGEN  ANG  118
76 Symbolics  Tell Them Jah Jah  ANGEN  ANG  119
76 Mccook Tommy La Paloma ANGEN  ANG  120
76 Gray Owen  Blazing Fire  ANGEN  ANG  121
76 Campbell Cornell  A Tear Fell ANGEN  ANG  122

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