A UK company, Anchor had a mutual distribution agreement with ABC Records of the USA from 1974 to 1978.  As well as handling the ABC label in Britain, Anchor issued records under its own label; it had Singles Chart successes over here with Ace's, 'How Long' (ANC-1002; '74) and Stretch's, 'Why Did You Do It' (ANC-1021; 1975).  Manufacture and distribution were by EMI until mid '75, then by CBS. The only difference between the labels from the two different eras is a repositioning of the producer credits from six o'clock (EMI) to three o'clock (CBS); though the styles of the promos changed drastically. At some point in 1976 the logo lost the wording above the sailor's head. Anchor Records Former Address: 140 Wardour St, London, W1. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Webber Aj Jam Jar ANCHOR  ANC 1001
74 Ace How Long ANCHOR  ANC 1002
74 Sam Leno Oh Joanna ANCHOR  ANC 1003
74 Smiley Brett Va Va Va Voom ANCHOR  ANC 1004
74 Brown Gay Let A Little Love Come In ANCHOR  ANC 1005
74 Anchormen Sail Me Home ANCHOR  ANC 1006
74 Tribe Learn To Love ANCHOR  ANC 1007
74 Phillip & Vanessa Two Sleepy People ANCHOR  ANC 1008
75 Moon Rider Having Someone ANCHOR  ANC 1009
75 Leno Sam Ordinary Man ANCHOR  ANC 1010
75 Not Issued ANCHOR  ANC 1011
75 Cooper Alice Department Of Youth ANCHOR  ANC 1012
75 Cole Younger Lorelei ANCHOR  ANC 1013
75 Ace I Ain'T Gonna Stand For This No More ANCHOR  ANC 1014
75 Blue Goose Loretta ANCHOR  ANC 1015
75 Webb Susan Bye-Bye-Pretty Baby ANCHOR  ANC 1016
75 Philip & Vanessa Love ANCHOR  ANC 1017
75 Cooper Alice Only Woman Bleed ANCHOR  ANC 1018
75 Gee Sally Too Much I'M In Love ANCHOR  ANC 1019
75 Webb Susan Helplessly Hoping ANCHOR  ANC 1020
75 Stretch Why Did You Do It ANCHOR  ANC 1021
75 Webber A J Power Of Prayer ANCHOR  ANC 1022
75 Moon Rider I Found Love ANCHOR  ANC 1023
75 Ace No Future In Your Eyes ANCHOR  ANC 1024
75 Cooper Alice Welcome To My Nightmare ANCHOR  ANC 1025
75 Husky Give It Up ANCHOR  ANC 1026
75 Stretch That'S The Way The Wind Blows ANCHOR  ANC 1027
76 Webber Al Blue Fingers ANCHOR  ANC 1028
76 Scrounger Parisian Cafe Blue ANCHOR  ANC 1029
76 Husky Pretty Little Linda ANCHOR  ANC 1030
76 Kirby Love Letters ANCHOR  ANC 1031
76 Not Issued ANCHOR  ANC 1032
76 Cado Belle Got To Love ANCHOR  ANC 1033
76 Stretch Love'S Got A Hold On Me ANCHOR  ANC 1034
76 Weider John Don'T Give Up On Me ANCHOR  ANC 1035
77 Ace You'Re All That I Need ANCHOR  ANC 1036
77 Cado Belle Stone'S Throw Away ANCHOR  ANC 1037
77 Scrounger Our Love ANCHOR  ANC 1038
77 Hamilton George Iv I Wonder Who'S Kissing Her Now ANCHOR  ANC 1039
77 Ace Found Out The Hard Way ANCHOR  ANC 1040
77 London Symphony Orchestra Bohmenian Rhapsody ANCHOR  ANC 1041
77 Hamilton George Iv Everylasting Love ANCHOR  ANC 1042
77 Adverts Gary Gilmore'S Eyes ANCHOR  ANC 1043
77 Star Ladies Star Ladies ANCHOR  ANC 1044
77 Wesley Mickey Mouse Donald Duck Goofy And The Gang ANCHOR  ANC 1045
77 Steel Pulse Nyah Luv ANCHOR  ANC 1046
77 Adverts Safety In Numbers ANCHOR  ANC 1047
77 Mars  Don'T Wake Me Up (For Christmas)  ANCHOR  ANC 1048
78 London Symphony Orchestra Whole Lotta Love ANCHOR  ANC 1049
78 Kidd Christine Lovin´You Is Like Lovin´The Wind ANCHOR  ANC 1050
78 Not Issued ANCHOR  ANC 1051
78 Hamilton George Iv Feel Like A Million ANCHOR  ANC 1052
78 Grooner Alan You Crazy Fool ANCHOR  ANC 1053
78 Robbins Kate Tomorrow ANCHOR  ANC 1054
78 Graham Bob Blast Off ANCHOR  ANC 1055
78 Rush Hour Dedication ANCHOR  ANC 1056
78 Angeliss Pepper I Will See You Again ANCHOR  ANC 1057
78 Les Connections Lonely Lady ANCHOR  ANC 1058
78 D C Parrish Julie From America ANCHOR  ANC 1059
78 Battersea Always Something There To Remind Me ANCHOR  ANC 1060
78 Donna Mcghee Do As I Do ANCHOR  ANC 1061
78 Outsiders Autumn In The City ANCHOR  ANC 1062
78 Beamer Brothers Honolulu City Lights ANCHOR  ANC 1063
84 Charlie And The Wideboys EP ANCHOR  ANCE 7001
75 Alice Cooper  Welcome To My Nightmare  ANCHOR  ANE 1007
76 Patti Boulaye  The People Some People Choose To Love   ANCHOR  HANKY 16

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