Ammo Records seems to have been a Pop-orientated label. All the examples features songs published by Ammo-James Music, which suggests that Ammo was an outlet for that publisher.  Doubtless the name was derived from the trio of songwriters Arnold, Martin and Morrow. The label always featured either a portrait of or a bit of artwork relevant to the artist. The company's first release, Joe Brown's 'Hey Mama' (AMO-101; 1973), was a minor hit, but despite a promising start that was about as good as things got for Ammo.  After about a dozen releases the label expired, in 1974.  See also the Samantha label, which appears to have been a precursor to Ammo. Distributed By EMI Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Brown Joe Hey Mama AMMO  AMO 101
73 Butterscotch Don'T Make Me Laugh AMMO  AMO 102
73 Burrows Tony Take Away The Feeling AMMO  AMO 103
73 Waterfall Love Matters AMMO  AMO 104
73 Squib Thin Air AMMO  AMO 105
73 De Sykes Stephanie Lost For Words AMMO  AMO 106
73 Buckle Henry Cosmic Dancer AMMO  AMO 107
73 Neilson Suzy It Happens On A Sunday Night AMMO  AMO 108
74 Sky & Company True Feeling AMMO  AMO 109
74 Touch Better Fly Butterfly AMMO  AMO 110
74 Burrows Tony Can'T Live With You AMMO  AMO 111
74 Butterscotch This Way That Way AMMO  AMO 112

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