Independent label: A very short-lived subsidiary of Orange Records. Amity issued just three singles, all of them in March / April 1970.  Numbering was in an OTS-500 series, starting at 500.   The third, and last, single was a Country single by Brian Chalker, 'Ned Kelly' (OTS-502).  Chalker released 'The Ballad Of Ned Kelly' on Lucky Records in the same year; presumably it was the same song, Amity singles shared a common company sleeve with those of its parent company.  Manufacture and distribution were by Pye, and promotional copies were in the Pye family style. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Juice Not Enough Words AMITY OTS 500
70 Syrup Gentlemen Joe'S Sidewalk AMITY OTS 501
70 Chalker Bryan Ned Kelly AMITY OTS 502

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