Independent label Amazon was the label of the Amazon Recording Studions, of Kirkby, Liverpool, which was the successor to Liverpool Sound Enterprises. At the beginning of the 70s two ex policemen, Harold Collins and Eddie Hunt, who had a security firm with offices on the Stopgate Lane industrial site set up a studio called Liverpool Sound Enterprises  to promote and record local artists. It was located in a plain, concrete building in the fields of Simonswood, just outside Kirkby, a suburb on the northern edge of Liverpool. The building was a remnant of what had been built as the Royal Ordnance Factory, which was built to serve as an ammunition plant during WWII. Amazon studios began in 1973 when  Jeremy Lewis took over the studio  to use as a place to record his own band and, hopefully,  others  as a commercial enterprise. Amazon Recording Studions It seems to have been a custom / private / vanity recording label, one where the artists paid the company to make their records. As is the way with such concerns, many of its 7" releases were EPs.  7" and 12" records appear to have shared the same 000 numbering, but they had different prefixes: AR7 and AR12. One EP in the series, 'A Game For All The Family' by Blackmail (AR-7021; 1978), came out on the Tao Productions label. Pressing of the injection-moulded items was by Polydor; AR7-002 was pressed by Deroy.  In 1978 Amazon seems to have mutated into 'Jungle Records'.  It would appear that the numbering was continued, only with the prefix now as JR and with the 7 and the 12 attached to the start of the number insead of the end of the prefix.  A short-lived Amazon label from 1980, which used an AMZ-1000 numerical series, was a subsidiary of RK Records, but it too had a connection with Amazon Studios: the first single on that label was by studio recording engineer Mike Bersin. The few 1970s The studio doesn't appear to have lasted long into the 1980s. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Tucker Cy & The Friars Something About You Baby I Like AMAZON AR7 001
75 Rimmer Peter  A Different Song AMAZON AR7 002
75 Green Dream Merry Christmas Liverpool AMAZON AR7 003
76 Gerry Aiden Gerry Seren-Aiden Country Style Ep AMAZON AR7 004
76 Father Francis Flying White Dove (Album) AMAZON AR12 005
76 Les Dennis Imagination Game AMAZON AR7 006
76 Sandy & Fred Country Gold Ep AMAZON AR7 007
76 Father Francis Herald The King (Album) AMAZON AR12 008
76 Not Traced AMAZON AR7 009
76 Jerry Grant Pretty Woman AMAZON AR7 0010
76 Father Francis Fool For You (Album) AMAZON AR12 0011
76 Cy Tucker & The Friars Funny Face AMAZON AR7 0012
76 The Variations The Variations  AMAZON AR7 0013
76 Salamanda Pipeline AMAZON AR7 0014
77 Mcparlands Lovers And Fools AMAZON AR7 0015
77 Cy Tucker & The Friars Pearl's A Singer / My Prayer / Southern Nights / Hurt ? AMAZON AR7 0016
77 Margo Think About It Baby AMAZON AR7 0017
77 Not Traced AMAZON AR7 0018
77 Shyne Shyne  AMAZON AR7 0019
77 The Chimes The Chimes ?(LP, Album) REF AR7 020
78 Blackmail A Game For All The Family TAO PRODUCTIONS AR7 021
78 Norman Thomas Disco Kid CLOTH CAP AR7 022
78 Pam Shaw Queen Of Wigan Pier JUNGLE AR7 023
78 Not Traced JUNGLE AR7 024
78 Not Traced JUNGLE AR7 025
78 Rees Brothers Put Another Log On The Fire JUNGLE JR 7026
78 Crispin James & Tequila Georgia In A Jug JUNGLE JR 7027
78 Not Traced JUNGLE JR 7028
78 Cy Tucker & The Friars Cy Tucker & The Friars - Live  JUNGLE JR 7029
79 Dulcima Seagull JUNGLE JR 7030
79 Not Traced JUNGLE JR 7031
79 Cindy Jackson & Clearwater Leavin' Louisiana In The Broad Daylight JUNGLE JR 7032
79 Father Francis One Day At A Time (Album) JUNGLE JR 12033
79 Not Traced JUNGLE JR 7034
79 Len Lacey This Is The Life (Album) JUNGLE JR 12035
79 Not Traced JUNGLE JR 7036
79 Bren & Dee Easy Kinda Love JUNGLE JR 7037
79 Zeebra Anytime JUNGLE JR 7038
80 The Blue Magnolia Jass Orchestra Sit Down You're Rockin' The Boat JUNGLE JR 7039
80 Not Traced JUNGLE JR 7040
80 Father Francis Volume V - The Old Rugged Cross (Album) JUNGLE JR 12041
80 Not Traced JUNGLE JR 7042
80 Not Traced JUNGLE JR 7043
80 Eric Starr JR Is Our Hero JUNGLE JR 7044
80 New Zone  Summertime Song JUNGLE JR 7045
80 Not Traced JUNGLE JR 7046
80 Not Traced JUNGLE JR 7047
80 Fr. Francis Volume VI - Nobody's Child (Album) JUNGLE JR 12048
80 Not Traced JUNGLE JR 7049
81 Terry Fletcher Terry Fletcher  JUNGLE JR 7050
81 Thin End Of The Wedge Lights Are On Green JUNGLE JR 7051
81 Father Francis Cry From The Heart  JUNGLE JR 7052
81 Not Traced JUNGLE JR 7053
81 Not Traced JUNGLE JR 7054
81 Not Traced JUNGLE JR 7055
81 The Boys Listen To The Beat JUNGLE JR 7056
81 Not Traced JUNGLE JR 7057
81 Not Traced JUNGLE JR 7058
82 Fr. Francis Volume VII - Sunshine Of Your Smile (Album) JUNGLE JR 7059
80 Mike Bersin Me And My Laser AMAZON AMZ 1001

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