Alvic Records was a studio Label owned and run by two musicians, Alí James and Vicí Sweeney who were to relocate a little later to Kensington.  Alvic seems to have been responsible for just one record: an EP by organist Bill Sweeney, 'Bill Sweeney In Harmony At The Organ'.  In addition to the tracks shown on the scan the EP offered versions of 'Smile' and 'Moonlight Bay'.  There's no date on the labels, but the layout is very similar to one used for an EP on Northline Records in 1977, so I would imagine that the middle third of the 70s would be a decent bet.  The catalogue / matrix number on the run-off was BS-001.  Drummer on the record, Vic Sweeney, was presumably the 'Vic' of 'Alvic'. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Bill Sweeney In Harmony At The Organ ALVIC BS 001

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