Independent label: A label dedicated to records featuring songs and stories about a cartoon horse called Alphonse. It managed two singles, 'Alphonse (Dance Theme)' b/w 'Follow That' (ALP-401), which had no artist credit, there were at least a couple of albums: 'Four Adventures Of Alphonse' (ALP-403; 1977) and 'Party Games With Alphonse' (ALP-404; 1977).  Producer / songwriter Keith Bonsoir was responsible for writing, arranging and producing both sides of ALP-401 single; he also wrote the scripts for the 'Four Adventures' and provided the voice of Alphonse, so it seems reasonable to guess that he was the man behind the label.  Alphonse Promotions was based at the same address as the Alphonse Fan Club; that is, at 6 Sherlock Mews, London W1M. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Alphonse Alphonse (Dance Theme) ALPHONSE PROMOTIONS ALP 401
77 Alphonse And Albert Help Teach Alphonse ALPHONSE PROMOTIONS ALP 402
77 Alphonse Four Adventures Of Alphonse The Horse (Album) ALPHONSE PROMOTIONS ALP 403
77 Alphonse Party Games With Alphonse (Album) ALPHONSE PROMOTIONS ALP 404

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