Independent label devoted to records by British Rockabilly bands. Alligator operated from 1978 into the early 1980s, and appears to have released at least four singles and a compilation album during that period.  Its main claim to fame is that is issued the first tracks by The Meteors and The Polecats, both of which went on to become one leading bands in that field. Alligator singles were numbered in an ALL-100 series. Distributed By Alligator Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Kay Johnny & Kool Kats Fallin' For You ALLIGATOR ALL 101
79 Gina 'N' The Rockin' Rebels Rockin On Down The Line ALLIGATOR ALL 102
79 Kay Johnny & Kool Kats Keep My Big Wheel Turning ALLIGATOR ALL 103
79 Mealey Gentlemen Jim I'D Find You ALLIGATOR ALL 104

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