All Saints Prayer Group was founded in the 1970s.  Initially based at premises at 31 Norfolk Street, Forest Gate, London E7, it appears to have evolved into the All Saints Pentecostal Church and moved to Islington - the website of that church gives its founder's name as James Kofi Brakoh, which more or less fits in with the 'Leader Brako' that can be found on what seems to be the group's solitary record.  The record in question was a single which offered two devotional songs in an African style: 'Dana Se' and 'He Died For Me'.  Each side had its own catalogue number, one being A.S.P.G.-1, the other A.S.P.G.-2.  There's no date on the labels, but the website gives the year of the church's foundation as being 1974, which provides us with a 'not before'.  Fortunately pressing was by Orlake, and in the Spring of 1979 that firm seems to have stopped using whatever equipment was responsible for giving the labels of its 7" records the 'rough inner, smooth outer ring' appearance that this single has; that gives us a 'not after' and enables us to pin the label down to 70s decade. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

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