A DIY label. run by singer Al Jackson.  His own 'Old Rugged Cross' EP seems to have been the only 7" release on Aljak.  The EP had previously appeared in 1977 on the custom recording label Pollen Records as PBM-011; sales must have been good enough to call for a re-pressing, with the record this time on Jackson's own label.  The re-pressed version dates from 1978 and had a catalogue number of AJ-1.  That same year Jackson released an LP on the label, 'One Day At A Time', which was numbered AJ-02.  There doesn't seem to have been any more Aljak vinyl, though there were a couple of unnumbered and undated cassette-only releases, 'Al Jackson Sings Country Style' and 'Al Jackson Sings As Time Goes By', which were credited to Aljak Studios.  The presence of 'Pal Of My Cradle Days' and 'When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New' on the latter tape suggests that it was recorded in or around 1983, as versions of both of those songs had been Top 75 hits the previous year.  In addition to the tracks shown on the scan, the EP offered 'Dirty Old Town' and a medley of 'Take These Chains' and 'Can't Stop Loving You' Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Al Jackson With The Laurie Irving Sound Old Rugged Cross ALJAK AJ 1

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