Independent label: Of songwriter Alexander Silver. According to the World's Worst Records blogspot, Alexander had enjoyed a measure of success with 'The England Football Song' a one-sided single released on Jackson Records in 1965; it was sponsored by the England Football Supporters Association and received a fair amount of exposure during England's 1966 World Cup triumph - it was even played during the opening ceremony.  He went on to put out at least a couple of records on his own label: a 'proper' one by the David Kaye Sound, 'Lorelei' b/w 'Sing An Alexander Silver Song' (AS-001), and a promotional one sponsored by Robertson's butchers, 'I Want A Lovely, Lovely Sausage' b/w 'Come To Robertson's', by Silver's People (ASP-001).  There's no date on either but the appearance of the labels suggests late '60s or early '70s; the David Kaye record is in stereo, which makes the '70s more likely.  A July 2008 catalogue from auctioneers Knights offering files with several copies of the England Football Song and associated memorabilia mentions that 'other promotional records' by Alexander Silver were included in the package, but, unfortunately, doesn't say what they were - perhaps they were these two.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 David Kaye Sound Lorelei' b/w 'Sing An Alexander Silver Song ALEXANDER SILVER AS 001
71 Silver's People Robertson's For Very Good Food ALEXANDER SILVER ASP 001

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