Independent label: Alex Munro Entertainments Records. There is no name by which to identify a label.  The sleeve of a souvenir EP of one of the 'Showtime' entertainments at the Pier Pavilion, Llandudno, says that the record was produced for Alex Munro Entertainments Ltd, so it seems reasonable to use that as a label name.  However, it also says that it was recorded by Abbot Sound Studios, of Chester, and the matrix number, AS-4, is one of a series which appears to have been used by that studio, so 'Abbot Sound' was another possibility. The label with the information on it has been pasted over a blank white one, and the EP came with a picture sleeve. The letters 'DER' in the run-off suggest that the record was pressed through Deroy.  Alex Munro, who died in 1986, ran - and starred in - shows in Llandudno for over thirty years; he earned the name 'Mr. Llandudno' and had a road named after him posthumously.  This EP seems to have been his only venture into the field of making records.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Alex Munro Startime 1974 ALEX MUNRO ENTERTAINMENTS  AS 4

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