Independent label: Set up by John Schroeder and featuring many productions by him. Alaska records Former Address in 1978 : 12, The Quadrangle, Cambridge Square, London W2. appeared under two different labels and in three different numerical series during the six or seven years of its existence.  It also changed distributors several times.  First issues were in an ALA-0 series, manufactured and distributed by EMI, then came an ALA-1000 series, which had EMI-style demo labels but Pye-style matrix numbers. An ALA-2000 series followed, in a changed design; it was handled at first by President, then by Anchor - note the minor label variations.  Alaska managed to hit the charts once, with Joy Sarney's, 'Naughty Naughty Naughty' (ALA-2005), in 1977.   It had a short-lived offshoot, 'Black Bear', the label of which looked like a negative of the first black label. Distributed By EMI and PYE. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Gulliver Happy Birthday Sweet Six Teen ALASKA ALA 1
73 Chance Wasg My MemīRies ALASKA ALA 2
73 Rose Mike & Colours When You'Re Asleep ALASKA ALA 3
73 Cymande The Message ALASKA ALA 4
73 Cycles Nevada Style ALASKA ALA 5
73 Keith'S Brian  The First Cut Is The Deepest ALASKA ALA 6
73 Colours He'S In Town ALASKA ALA 7
73 Slone Josaphine ALASKA ALA 8
73 Bullet Push Just A Little Bit Hearder ALASKA ALA 9
73 Cymande Bras ALASKA ALA 10
73 Brass Alley You Better Run ALASKA ALA 11
73 Mike Rose Mary Mary ALASKA ALA 12
73 Erasmus Chorum Jungle ALASKA ALA 13
74 Dee Joey Baby Don'T You Know ALASKA ALA 14
74 Shaw Alan Lee She Moans ALASKA ALA 15
74 Dooley Family Oo Pa Pa Doo ALASKA ALA 16
74 Toland Marie Angel Eyes ALASKA ALA 17
74 Tub Thumper Kahoutec ALASKA ALA 18
74 Erasmus I Don'T Want Our Love To Die ALASKA ALA 19
74 Nixon Mel Put It In Your Pipe And Smoke It ALASKA ALA 20
74 Mccree Danny There Must Be Away ALASKA ALA 21
74 Gulliver So Good Together ALASKA ALA 22
74 Lezal Vic  Big Brother ALASKA ALA 23
74 Blood Barry Poor Annie ALASKA ALA 24
74 Dooley Family Sha La La Lullaby ALASKA ALA 25
74 Nixon Mel Every Beat Of Your Heart ALASKA ALA 26
74 Black Pearl Malaika ALASKA ALA 27
74 Schroeder John Orchestra I'M Gonna Change ALASKA ALA 1001
74 Main Attraction Cast Your Fate In Rhe Wind ALASKA ALA 1002
75 Scarlet Jade You & Me ALASKA ALA 1003
75 Crosbie Carol Would I Be Happy Living With You ALASKA ALA 1004
75 Intimate Strangers Love Sounds ALASKA ALA 1005
75 Spider Come Back Baby ALASKA ALA 1006
75 Magic Oo-Pa-Pa-Doo ALASKA ALA 1007
75 Toland Marie My Days Of Loving You ALASKA ALA 1008
75 Jefferson Last Bus Home ALASKA ALA 1009
75 Velvet Love Orchestra Symphony Of Dreams ALASKA ALA 1010
75 Schroeder John Orchestra All Night ALASKA ALA 1011
75 Williams Joanne Jack Of All Trades ALASKA ALA 1012
75 Bennett Cliff & Rebel Rousers Got To Get You Into My Life ALASKA ALA 1013
76 Escorts Disrespect Can Wreck ALASKA ALA 1014
76 Bookham & Riskett We Got A Love ALASKA ALA 1015
76 Jefferson Workin' My Way Back To You ALASKA ALA 1016
76 Sam & Samantha Laughing Policeman ALASKA ALA 1017
76 Keith'S Brian Creation Memories Of You ALASKA ALA 1018
76 Williams John Thank To You ALASKA ALA 1019
76 Septimus Telstar ALASKA ALA 1020
76 Cymande Friends ALASKA ALA 1021
76 Flying Saucers Fabulous ALASKA ALA 2001
76 Petlamb Nonie  Crinoline Rock ALASKA ALA 2002
76 Flying Saucers Keep On Dancin' ALASKA ALA 2003
76 Zipper Cruisin' With The Fonz ALASKA ALA 2004
77 Sarney Joy Naughty Naughty Naughty ALASKA ALA 2005
77 Zipper R B Come Back Marianne ALASKA ALA 2006
77 One + 2 Ghost Of Love ALASKA ALA 2007
77 Silver Spectre Disco Invader ALASKA ALA 2008
77 Flying Saucers Oh Carol ALASKA ALA 2009
77 Jackson Skip Greatest Star Of All ALASKA ALA 2010
77 Sarney Joy Angling For A Kiss ALASKA ALA 2011
77 Cruisers Get A Job ALASKA ALA 2012
77 Mocca Sin & T.Ps Cherokee Dance ALASKA ALA 2013
77 Flying Saucers Texas Calls You Home ALASKA ALA 2014
77 Barker Ronnie Pismonunciation ALASKA ALA 2015
77 Harmony Bland Blue City ALASKA ALA 2016
79 Lauren Tony Bobbin Girls Bobbin Boys ALASKA ALA 2017


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