Independent label: AKP Records was a small independent label, operating out of premises in Southfield Gardens, Twickenham.  AKP seems to have released just the one record, an early example of UK-recorded traditional-style music from the Indian subcontinent: it was an EP by Sangeet Sargham, offering the tracks 'Duniya Mein', 'O Meri Sharmilee', 'Mere Sapon Ki Rani' and 'Fiya To Abto Aja'.  The EP was made at, and released through, Eden Studios in 1973; in addition to its AKP catalogue number, AKPS-1000, it had an Eden one, EDEN EP-58.  Allan King, the man behind the company, went on to found Group K Broadcasting Ltd and to enjoy a successful career which included a considerable stretch as a Sky News presenter. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Sangeet Sargham Duniya Mein AKP / ALLAN KING PRODUCTIONS AKPS 1000

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