Independent label: As can be seen from the label, Akashic Records was associated with the Guru Maharaj Ji's 'Divine Light Mission'. it managed only two releases.  First out of the traps was an EP featuring three tracks by the Anand Band, 'Sweet Bird Of The Morning', 'Walking Satsang' and 'Lila', plus what appears to be an excerpt from a religious address delivered in Montana, Colorado; it was released in 1972 and had an orangey-yellow label featuring a picture of the Guru.  Its catalogue number was DLM-1.  Then came the Blue Aquarius single 'The Ultimate Train' b/w 'At The Feet Of The Master'.  There is no catalogue number on the label, but the matrix number RGJ-998 in the run-off indicates that it was made through R.G. Jones's Oak recording studios of Surrey.  There's no year of issue either, but comparison with other RGJ numbers suggests around 1974.  Surprisingly, the 'A' side is a long, brassy Jazz / Prog Rock instrumental, with the guitarist and the organist given space for solos.  The 'B' is more the kind of thing you would expect: folky devotional stuff - it sounds as though it was recorded by a completely different outfit. Crossings-out on the matrix numbers suggest that initially 'At The Feet Of The Master' was intended to be the 'A' side, which would have made sense - it's 'catchier', neither side is all that commercial.  Pressing was by Pye. Akashic Records Former Address: Divine Light Mission 3 woodside Avenue London N6. Distributed By Akashic Records.

72 Anand Band Sweet Bird Of The Morning AKASHIC DLM 1

74 Blue Aquarius  The Ultimate Train AKASHIC Not Catalogue Number

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