Independent label: AK Records a company from Manchester, working out of premises at Kings House, King Street West, M3.  AK was run by Albert Evans and Keith Twort.  It started life as AK Associates, dealing with hifi speakers, and according to Keith it made its first record - an LP called 'Organ Magnifique' by Robinson Cleaver (AK-7301) - because they 'wanted something decent' to test those speakers.  Catalogue numbers were in an AK-XX00 series, with the 'XX' being the year in which the record was made.  The catalogue offered mainly MOR and Classical fare but it included an album by folk singer Harry Boardman, 'Golden Stream' (AK-7813-L).  All but one of its products were LPs, the exception being George C. Smith's single 'One Day At A Time' (AK-7708; 1977), a version of which which would provide Lena Martell with a hit a couple of years later.  Country singer Smith had recorded previously for Emerald, an album and a single, 'Mother I Love You' b/w 'You'll Never Miss A Woman' (MD-1182; 1975).  An album and a single 'Someone Like You' b/w 'Welcome To My World' (F-13726; 9/77) for Decca would follow only months after his AK release, and he would go on to have an LP out in 1980 on the Jungle label, 'George Smith Sings Country Gems' (JR-12047).  AK continued to issue albums - and eventually CDs - until around 1983, when the company evolved into Anston Ltd and its label changed to Dene.  By that time it had moved to Stockport.  Distributed By AK Records .

77 George C. Smith One Day At A Time AK AK 7708

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