Airport was one of the many DIY labels that sprung up during the Punk / New Wave era, but it was a comparatively prolific one.  It was an outlet for records by Punk group Jeep, from Hounslow, and was owned by them.  Catalogue numbers suggest that Airport put out six singles but one of the numbers, AIRP-4, appears not to have been used.  Only the first single, 'Wild Rover' b/w 'Lark In The Dark' (AIRP-001; 11/79) - a Punk version of the old Irish song - was from the Seventies; it proved commercial enough to be given a re-release, and wider distribution, on EMI's 'Cobra' label, in January 1980, as COB-9.  One member of Jeep, Max Splodge, was later to achieve Chart success with the group Splodgenessabounds. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Jeep Wild Rover AIRPORT AIRP 001
80 Jeep Heiress On The Run AIRPORT AIRP 002
81 Jeep Roger The Jogger AIRPORT AIRP 3
81 Not Issued AIRPORT AIRP 004
81 Jeep The Happy Wanderer AIRPORT AIRP 5
83 Jeep Factory AIRPORT AIRP 006

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