Airebeat Records was formed as a local label in Leeds in northern England in early 1978, the name being derived from the river running through the centre of the city. The initial objective was to record and release a single by newly formed band "The Squares" in order to promote the band into independent charts, such as existed back then, with the ultimate goal being to secure the band a nationwide and beyond recording deal. "No Fear", was released locally and beyond as a seven inch with picture sleeve on vinyl. It was put into local shopswhere it sold heavily. The band played a series of gigs to promote it and local radio play with interviews resulted. National distribution was obtained through Lightning and Rough Trade and the single was played on Radio One by John Peel. This was enough to secure the band a recording deal with American label Sire Records; the home of bands such as "The Ramones" and "Talking  Heads". Due to the success of that project, other local artists came forward interested in further possible releases. These were necessarily limited as funding was always a problem. Some planned releases never saw the light of day. One example was a recording by all-girl group "The Straits", who were touring with "The Tom Robinson Band" at the time), being allocated a catalogue number number, (in this case "abt2"), yet the single was never pressed. Nevertheless a small catalogue was built up. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 The Squares No Fear AIREBEAT ABT 1
78 Not Issued   AIREBEAT ABT 2
78 Overlord Lucy AIREBEAT ABT 3
80 Squares Buddy Holly AIREBEAT ABT 4
84 Warren Zed Music To Watch Girls AIREBEAT ABT 5
86 Bright Carvers 24 Hours AIREBEAT ABT 6
88 The Bright Carvers Going Deaf AIREBEAT ABT 7

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