Independent label: The record label of George Martin's renowned AIR - Associated Independent Recording - studios.  AIR started up in 1966, but it didn't begin issuing records on its own label until the mid '70s.  Its singles were handled by Chrysalis, and shared a CHS-2000 catalogue series with those of that company. At least one single appeared on the label of associated publishing company Air-Edel a joint venture between George Martin and Herman Edel - but it was a promotional record for the Halifax Building Society and it wasn't meant to be sold. Distributed By EMI / Island and Phonogram. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 David Dundas Jeans On AIR CHS 2094
76 David Dundas Daisy Star AIR CHS 2123
77 Starbreakers Sound Of Summer AIR CHS 2133
77 David Dundas Another Funny Honeymoon AIR CHS 2136
77 Bridge & Mcguiness Street Talkin AIR CHS 2148
77 Jacquie Sullivan How Can I Say Goodbye AIR CHS 2149
77 David Dundas Where Were You Today AIR CHS 2154
77 David Dundas Fly Baby Fly AIR CHS 2156
77 Pipkins Gimmie Dat Ding AIR CHS 2188
78 Jacquie Sullivan Stop Thief AIR CHS 2203
78 Campbell Town Pipe Band Mull Of Kintyre AIR CHS 2210
78 Jacquie Sullivan Moments AIR CHS 2219
78 David Dundas Guy The Gorilla AIR CHS 2236
78 David Dundas When I Saw You Today AIR CHS 2243
78 Paul Gee  Heavens Above AIR CHS 2252
79 Anne Marie David Je Suis L'Enfant Soleil AIR CHS 2327
79 The G.B.'s [Hudson-Ford] We Are The G.B.'s AIR CHS 2342
79 Bob Painter Can We AIR CHS 2344
81 Michael Crawford Come Follow The Band AIR CHS 2520

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