Agra seems to have been a small independent label specializing in Country & Western music.  It issued at least a couple of 7"s in 1979: EPs by Overland Express, 'On The Right Track' (BSS-355) and the Barbara Jo Sound, 'Are You Going Our Way' (BSS-373).  There were also a couple of albums, by The Reapers ('Star Of The Morning'; BSS-388) and Snuffy Garrett ('Listen To This'; BSS-418), both from 1980.  The BSS numbers were part of a series used by custom recording concern Tank Records and the label design bore a close resemblance to that of the Tank label from that period.  The 'B' side label of the Barbara Jo Sound record carried a picture of the artists, leaving the credits to go on the 'A' , which the Overland Express One did not. Very few companies incorporated such pictures into their label designs - the only other one was Ammo Records. Distributed By Tank Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Overland Express On The Right Track AGRA BSS 355
79 Barbara Jo Sound Are You Going Our Way AGRA BSS 373
80 Palas Katss Fly Me To The Sun AGRA BSS 377
80 Targe Targe (Album) AGRA BSS 386
80 The Reapers No Greater Love (Album) AGRA BSS 388
80 Snuffy Garrett Listen To This (Album) AGRA BSS 414

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