Independent label: Aggro released at least three singles but took four years in which to do it.  The first single came out in October 1979, but for some reason the second didn't appear until July 1981. Again more than a year passed before it appeared in September 1982.  All three have a connection with vocal group The Chantelles: Nola York was a member of that group, as was Riss Chantelle, who produced the second and third singles and possibly the first; Publishers for those two singles were Chantelle's 'Chantelle Music'; perhaps Aggro was a branch of that firm?  Be that as it may, at some point between the second and the third single the company changed distributors from Selecta to Pinnacle.  Sales of all three must have been fairly small.  You'd think that a label called Aggro would be dedicated to Punk Rock, but Nola York was a Pop singer and the Fanny & Danny single was a Cockney novelty record. Distributed By Selecta and Pinnacle. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Nola York La La Means To Love You AGGRO AG 1
81 Fanny & Danny  Second Hand Rag AGGRO AG 2
82 Nola York Miles Away AGGRO AG 3

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