Independent label: The vehicle for a single by the cast of the comedy series 'Not The Nine O'Clock News'.  The single in question was called 'Oh Bosanquet', it was handled by Virgin Records, and it had a catalogue number of NB-5.  The NB-0 series was first used on a single by The Records (see The Record Company) and seems to have been employed occasionally by Virgin on an ad hoc basis afterwards.  The single came out in December 1979, Distributed By Virgin Records.

78 The Skids Reasons NO BAD NB 1
79 The Records Starry Eyes  THE RECORD COMPANY NB 2
79 Spys  The Young Ones   VIRGIN NB 3
79 Not Issued VIRGIN NB 4
79 Not The Nine O'Clock News  Oh Bosanquet  AFTER THE BREAK  NB 5

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