Independent label: Afronational Records A label from the mid '70s, dedicated to the music of Sierra Leone group the Afronational Band - or the Afro National Band, as it seems to be more commonly known. Catalogue numbers were in the AFRO-10s, presumably starting at 10; they got at least as high as AFRO-16. Producer Akie Deen issued a fair amount of this sort of material on his Afrobeat, Rokel and Sabanoh labels  at about this time, including a single by the Afronational Band.  Afronational has a slight family resemblance to his Sabanoh Sounds label; with him and the band both being from Sierra Leone it is possible that he was involved with these records. The labels came in different colours. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Afronational Band Sonjo / Lovie Dovie Merengue AFRONATIONAL AFRO 10
75 Afro National Dem Kick (Rhumba) AFRONATIONAL AFRO 11
75 Big Fayia And The Afronational Band Blackpool / Rosalin AFRONATIONAL AFRO 12
76 Afronational Band Kabala AFRONATIONAL AFRO 13
76 Afronational Band Tollon-Tollon AFRONATIONAL AFRO 14
76 Afronational Band Yorneh Yorneh AFRONATIONAL AFRO 15
76 Afronational Band Money Palava AFRONATIONAL AFRO 16

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